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We have an array of accessories to suit the  needs of Camping & Recreational activities. SRS has light weight high power output panels that are ideal to provide Solar PV power to operate electronic gadgets and small appliances as well as recharge batteries while camping and enjoying outdoor activities. Our light weighted segmented panels can be easily mounted on the flat roofs of Recreational Vehicles (RV) and tent trailers to produce maximum power per sq.ft and charge their batteries for night time use.

Recreational Vehicles & Camping

SRS has special segmented stacked PV panels that are ideal to produce maximum power per sq.ft for industrial buildings with flat roof tops. Our SRS panels are very cost effective for PV power generation where available space is restricted. Besides, our segmented panels have tilt adjustments to make them easily tiltable to align towards Sun during its 4 seasonal position variations over the year. There is no need to implement any tracking arrangements as SRS panels have built-in semi automatic tracking to follow the Sun from east to west.

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