At Sun Ray Systems (SRS) we form an active team comprising of USA educated research scientists and engineers who continuosly strive hard to enhance the efficiency of the conventional Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) Systems. Our goal is provide a cost effective set of products and services to cater to the Energy sector in North America, Asia and Australia.


Solar Energy Innovations, SCADA & Energy Management Systems and Project Management Services

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About Us & Our Team


Mission Statement : 

“ We strive our best to achieve success by amalgamating efficiency with economical affordability through imagination and interdisciplinary innovation.” 

Our Products Mission

The light weight solar panel products will provide a quick and easy way for people living in communities, out of regular electric power grid or in the region of natural disasters e.g. earthquake, to generate electric power generation  for 2+ rainy and cloudy days.

The concentrator design with smart tracking technology will reduce the area of the solar panels by continuously pointing to the direction of the sun light for both northern and southern hemispheres.

The optical solar power collection mechanism will not limit its usage to only the slanted rooftops. Consumers can mount our panels on flat rooftops and straight walls with adequate sunshine and still achieve the same power generation efficiency compared to conventional designed solar panels.

Our light weight, flexible. roller panels are designed for people on the move such as summer campers and snow birds on RVs who might choose to spend their vacation/retirement on sunny campgrounds and parks with limited access to electric power.

We will use the modern thin film flexible PV cells for our portable panels while sticking to the crystalline PV wafers for the economical usage for residential and commercial buildings.

We will adopt a modular design wherein additional panels can be easily added at consumer’s discretion. This will also facilitate easy maintenance by easy replacement of a section of the panel rather than replacing whole panel thus resulting in cost savings.

Our Services Mission

Strive to achieve amalgamating efficiency with economical affordability through interdisciplinary innovation

Deliver turnkey solutions of green power technology & smart devices

Offer a global service consolidating project management, technical mentoring and manufacturing partnership to create a customer-centric approach
yielding a balanced profit and quality.

Bring together the best in project management outsourcing and consultancy
for business​