PMO Innovation with ECOnomical and AFFordable Product/Technology & Integration Services


About Us & Our Team

​​At Sun Ray Systems (SRS) we form an active team comprising of USA or Japan educated research scientists and engineers who continuously strive hard to enhance the efficiency of the project management outsourcing (PMO) by integrating a variety of complexity and diversity.  Our goal is to provide a cost effective set of products and services to cater to the technology sector in North America, Asia and Australia.


Mission Statement : 

“ We strive our best to achieve success by amalgamating efficiency with economical affordability through imagination and interdisciplinary innovation.” 

"Offer a global service consolidating project management, technical mentoring and manufacturing partnership to create a customer-centric circle with the best profit and quality."

"Bring together the best in project management outsourcing and consultancy for your business."

"Overcoming the matters calls from the leading company, so we Bring AI & Innovation into the core of all aspects from strategy to services, supported by Key Performance Indicators that align project-driven decision making." 

"Deliver innovative turnkey solutions  of software/hardware technology & smart devices."